JefeCheck 1.5.3 released, Spacebar crash fixed. Better Linux compatibility
Available for download now . New Stuff...

A Free, Easy to Use yet Highly Flexible
High-Res Image Flipbook for
Film and TV Post Work.

Artist, TD and Budget Friendly.

Runs on

The Core Player
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JefeCheck is an Image Sequence Player that plays High Resolution (SD, HD, 2K+) on almost any workstation, includingsome pretty old Mac laptops.
Real Time Processing
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JefeCheck allows you to take the image sequences you are playing back and apply image processing filters on them (FXs we call them), at full resolution and in Real Time.
Online colaboration
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So you are playing back your files and applying all kinds of neat filters, but playing alone is no fun... start a JefeCheck Remote Session Server and have your team participate from their own JefeCheck workstation, even if they are thousands of miles away, everything you do is also done on their station, anything they do is done on yours.
It's like being next to each other fighting over the mouse.

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